What’s the SensorShutterSDK?

The SDK that belongs to the Selfie 2.0 product family of popCamera SDK has been developed to solve the problems that occur under conflicting situations, such as “a selfie image taken with one hand is blurred” and “to take an unblurred image, you should use both hands, which is poor usability,” and achieve handier and higher-quality shooting of selfies and photos.
The following illustrates the positioning and relevance of the popCamera SDK products group of the SDK and the description scope of this document.

Overview of SensorShutter

The SDK is a product that uses sensors mounted on a smartphone terminal to detect the movement of the terminal and determine quiescence/movement/vibration of the terminal so that the system can know the optimal timing of shutter release. SensorShutterCamera SDK provides the shooting function using the functions of SensorShutter, enabling users to easily develop apps. However, to develop a camera app that is more in line with the hardware, use this SDK.

Functionalities that SensorShutter Provides

SensorShutter provides two types of detection methods: flip shutter and tap shutter. Developers who use the SDK can select either of the shutter methods or enable both shutter methods for developing camera apps.

How to Implement the New Shutter Method

The FlipShutter and popShutter are, as these names indicate, methods of using the tap operation and flip operation of a smartphone instead of the shutter button on the screen. A smartphone equipped with these methods continuously monitors the quantity of motion measured with the speed sensor, acceleration sensor, and gyro sensor, and determines that the shutter is operated when movement in the opposite direction is detected immediately after the tilt or rotation movement is detected (moving of the terminal in any direction and returning of it to the original position).

Note that in this detection method, the same input information may be obtained as with the case of changing the way of holding a smartphone (correcting or changing the way of holding), leading to wrong detection of shutter operation. Therefore, for the SDK, the default threshold of the shutter determination is set to a higher value to prevent such wrong detection. Developers can specify the threshold for this determination as parameters.


The FlipShutter provided by the SDK can determine the flip operation in any of the X, Y, and Z directions as shutter.


or the conventional shutter by screen tap, the button coordinates on the screen are used in detection of tapping for shooting. On the other hand, the popShutter of the SDK can recognize tapping anywhere on either the front side (on the screen) or back side as shutter operation. This enables users to take selfies and photos by holding their smartphones in the desired way without being restricted by the arrangement of buttons on the screen.

License Terms of SensorShutterSDK

SDK license
(Developer’s license)
Running royalty
(User’s license)
Overview A license for developers to develop apps using this product. A license for uses to distribute (regardless of charge or free) apps developed using this product.
Contract period For one year
Number of available units *TBD The number shall be stipulated in the contract document after individual discussion. *
Price *TBD/1 license *TBD/1 terminal
Supplemental information/Remarks
  • To distribute apps developed using this product, a utilization-based user license agreement is required.
  • If technical support is needed for using this product, we provide support services and maintenance services under a separate contract.
  • We do not provide operation services (support for app users) of apps developed using this product.
  • Failure investigation or other related work is not included in the contract, except in the case of flaws that pop inc. considers as defects in light of the specifications. If you need technical support for operation, make an inquiry regarding support services.
  • The “use rights” is not allowed to be transferred, sold to the third party, or offered as collateral.
  • We reserve the right to set and grant the “right to reuse.”
  • It shall be prohibited to perform alteration, disassemble, decompile, or other source analysis of the” SDK”.
  • During the contract period, we provide modules with defects corrected, provide support for specification changes and upgrade of the OS, improve the performance, and provide improved modules with, for example, free options that pop inc. has determined to be necessary and based on the specifications.
  • The detailed terms of use of the license are presented in the license certificate or when the contract was concluded. See the details in the certificate along with this document
  • SensorShutter technology is patented by Japanese Patent No. P614260 and PCT International Patent WO2018 / 066705A1 (patented pending), In addition, we are preparing to apply for a PCT international patent for additional functions.

Use Rights Category

The following shows the overview of the definition of use rights category for the license agreement of this product:

  • Exclusive implementation right (exclusive use right)

    Category classification: By country where a terminal is released

  • Normal implementation right (non-exclusive use right)

    Category classification: By country where a terminal is released, by manufacturer, by model, by user

  • Complies with the article of the use rights category when the SDK license agreement was concluded.

What the Product Package Contains

Contents Description
Installation media After a contract is concluded, the installation media is provided in the specified manner. Perform the procedure for starting to use the product in accordance with the license agreements.

Keep the installation media in a safe place.
It is possible to make a backup of the installation media and store it only in a place declared in the contract.
If the installation media is lost or damaged, it can be re-issued for a fee.
License certificate For details on the license state of the SDK, when the contract was concluded.
Reference manual It is included in the SDK package.

What the Installation Media Contains

Folder name File names and description on the files
/javadoc/SensorShutter ・index.html
・Other HTML files
A set of the reference files (Javadoc format) of the SDK is stored. Refer to them from index.html using a Web browser.
/lib ・SensorShutter-release.aar
The binary files of the library for Android of the SDK are stored.
/sample/SensorShutter A set of source codes of the sample app using the SDK is stored. Open the project in a development environment.

Detection Parameters

Parameter Settings
Detection methodr Detect flip/Detect tap/Detect both flip and tap

System Requirements

Hardware Terminal that runs the following OS equipped with an acceleration (Linear Acceleration) sensor and rotation vector (RotationVector) sensor
Supported OS Android 7.1.1 (API25) or later
Development environment Environment where AndroidStudio 3.5 or later runs and Android apps can be developed

If you are interested in the product, explain it in detail, or purchase it, please feel free to contact us using the Inquiry form.
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Currently, the SensorShutter SDK trial version is available free of charge for a limited time.
If you wish, please check the Trial Version Provision Contract (pdf) and contact us from the inquiry form.
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