• 2019.09JETRO Innovation Program Decided on 49 companies aiming for the world
  • 2018.11Mitaka Business Plan Contest Finalist
  • 2018.10NTT Communications Startup Challenge Kuala Lumpur, Finalist
  • 2018.09REZO Inc. Non-exclusive ordinary license agreement concluded
  • 2018.07Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Adopted Creative entrepreneur
  • 2018.05JETRO Innovation Program Decided on 49 companies aiming for the world
  • 2017.07Smartphone Sensor Camera PCT international patent application
  • 2017.08Smartphone Sensor Camera international patent application grant decision
  • 2017.08Japan Patent Office International patent application grant decision
  • 2017.05Smartphone Sensor Camera Japan Patent Acquisition

JETRO Innovation Program to 49 startups aiming for the world


Start-up overseas deployment support business with innovative technology products is a patent office
support project that conducts business using JETRO Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Japanese
business intellectual property. Participate in overseas accelerators of Silicon Valley, USA, Germany,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China, and build a business model. (2019) (2018)

Adopted for Creative Entrepreneur project, 2018


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency The 2018 budget "Regional Creation Entrepreneurship Grant" made public offering on 27th April in 2018, and 358 applications were submitted. As a result of strict examination by the external review committee, 120 entrepreneurs were

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